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V. Agendas and Agenda Materials

Rule 9. Meeting Agenda

At least 72 hours before a regular meeting, the Clerk shall post an agenda. The agenda shall consist of a brief statement of each item to be considered by the Board (Government Code §54950). The agenda shall indicate the time and location of the meeting and shall be posted as required by law.

Rule 10. Addendums/Supplemental Agenda Items

The Clerk shall prepare, post, and distribute all addendums/supplemental agendas when there has been an item added, continued, deleted, and/or modified since the distribution of the initial meeting agenda.

Rule 11. Use of Clerk of the Board Required Agenda Form

All Departments/Agencies shall use agenda forms, as prescribed by the Clerk, when submitting items to be placed on the Board's agenda for consideration. The Clerk shall make prescribed forms available. Without amendment to these Rules, the County Administrator may change agenda forms.

Rule 12. Department/Agency Agenda Responsibilities

When submitting an item for consideration by the Board, it is the responsibility of the originating Department /Agency to provide all required information, and to meet all timelines established by the County Administrator and Clerk. Originating Departments/Agencies shall submit sufficient copies to meet the distribution and processing requirements of the Clerk.

Rule 13. Review and Filing of Agenda Items

All agenda items require review by the County Administrator's Office prior to submission to the Clerk for placement on the agenda. Agenda items are to be submitted to the County Administrator's Office complete, with all back-up materials, and in accordance with all requirements and instructions as established by the County Administrator.

The County Administrator may ask for additional information, clarification, and may determine not to place any item on the agenda that is not complete or is not submitted in accordance with instructions. Without amendment to these Rules, agenda submittal instructions may be amended or additional requirements imposed to ensure appropriate review and Brown Act compliance.

Rule 14. Supplemental Correspondence and Information Prior to Board Meeting and During the Board Meeting

a) After Initial Agenda Distribution and Prior to the Meeting Rule - Agenda materials distributed, via mail, email, or hand delivered by the public to a majority of the Board or their staff, that is distributed or redistributed to another County employee, must be forwarded to the Clerk for public review.

b) At the Meeting Rule - Documents, including PowerPoint handouts, distributed to Board members by County employees or Board members themselves at the meeting, shall be kept to a minimum. When necessary to distribute materials at the meeting, 20 copies shall be provided to the Clerk for distribution to: Board members, County Administrator, County Counsel, and the Clerk, with remaining copies available for distribution to the general public. If large numbers of the public are anticipated to attend the Board Meeting on a matter and new information will be distributed to the Board members, then the number of copies should be increased to anticipate the number needed for the public.

Any supplemental correspondence or written information related to an agenda item which is provided to three or more Board members, and/or members of their staffs, shall be concurrently filed with the Clerk and made a part of the official record. This Rule shall not apply to attorney-client privileged communications.

Sufficient copies of supplemental correspondence and information should be delivered to the Clerk and the Clerk shall make the appropriate distribution to the Board, CAO and County Counsel.

Rule 15. County Counsel Approval as to Form

All agenda items which require County Counsel's approval shall be reviewed and approved, prior to submittal to the County Administrator Office. County Counsel shall provide instructions to departments and agencies on what items require such approval.

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