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Weekly Roundup for June 7, 2024

Published: June 07, 2024

Today’s digest provides helpful and important updates on the following:

  1. Emergency preparedness tips and information
  2. Summer heat safety reminders and resources
  3. Latest county commission, committee and task force vacancies
  4. Other Sonoma County news of note

Emergency preparedness tips and information

With fire season underway, the County of Sonoma strongly recommends subscribing to SoCoAlert and Nixle warning systems to receive alerts through landline calls, telephone devices for the deaf, cell phone text messages or pre-recorded verbal messages and email. 

Sign up here: 

Approximately 95 percent of all wildfires in California are caused by human activity. Do your part to prevent wildfires. Whether it’s ensuring a campfire is completely extinguished, a grill is away from dry vegetation, or keeping a vehicle well maintained to prevent sparks. One less spark equals one less wildfire.

Meet Captain Cal to learn more: 

Summer heat safety reminders and resources

As the summer weather heats up, it's time to practice heat safety. Heat-related deaths and injuries are preventable. Know the symptoms, such as confusion, dizziness or unconsciousness. 

Plus, check on family and neighbors, and take precautions. If you are at risk for heat-related illness, please remember to stay hydrated, limit your time outdoors, and check in on those who are susceptible to heat-related illness. 

  • Job Sites: Stay hydrated and take breaks in the shade as often as possible.
  • Indoors: Check on the elderly, sick and those without AC.
  • Vehicles: NEVER leave kids or pets unattended – look before you lock.
  • Outdoors: Limit strenuous outdoor activities, find shade and stay hydrated.

If you suspect heat stroke, act quickly: 

  • Call 911 immediately. 
  • Move the person to a shady area.
  • Loosen clothing and remove extra layers.
  • Cool them down with water or ice.

More tips to stay cool and preparing for a heatwave:

Additional information on heat safety: 

County commission, committee and task force vacancies announced

By joining a Sonoma County board, commission, committee or task force, you can make a significant impact in our community. Gain valuable insights to local services as well as contribute perspective and expertise to the decision-making process. 

Together, we can build systems that better serve our citizens in child care, health, economic and social stability, infrastructure and more. Current openings include:

  • Child Care Planning Council of Sonoma County— advocate for comprehensive child care planning and coordination in our county:
  • Community Action Partnership of Sonoma County — partner with low-income families to achieve economic and social stability:
  • Emergency Medical Care Council — improve emergency medical care, oversee and maintain the system, and coordinate long-term planning for public education and injury prevention:
  • Maternal, Child and Adolescent Health Advisory Board — promote the health of families, children and adolescents in our community:

For a full list of vacancies and information about the application process, visit

Other Sonoma County news of note

Sonoma County Announces Call to Artists for Design of Permanent Public Fire Memorial

Charles M. Schulz–Sonoma County Airport named among top five best small U.S. airports in Newsweek awards

Permit Sonoma announces new submittal requirements for building permits

Board of Supervisors amends Sonoma County’s Living Wage ordinance

Avian Flu emergency ends in Sonoma County; recovery underway for local poultry farmers 

Interest rate increases for financing through Sonoma County Energy Independence Program