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Registrar of Voters Office corrects error in voter information guide

SANTA ROSA, CA | June 03, 2022

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The Sonoma County Registrar of Voters Office announced the discovery of several errors on one of the Spanish-language pages in the county voter information guide that was mailed to voters a month ago for the June 7 statewide primary election.

The page in question is titled, “VOTE SEGURO con su Boleta de Voto por Correo” and the identifier number at the bottom is “49-F-VBM2-S.” While the guide does not have traditional page numbers, if the front cover were considered page 1, the back of the front cover page 2, etc., then the “VOTE SEGURO…” page would be page 9.

Several pieces of text on the “VOTE SEGURO” page were erroneously carried over from the April 12,Special Election, and therefore do not reflect the proper information for the upcoming June Primary Election. In particular, the page refers to voters in the Town of Windsor (“votantes de Windsor”) instead of voters in Sonoma County (“votantes activos del Condado de Sonoma”) and directs voters to return their Vote by Mail ballots by April 12 (12 de abril) instead of by June 7 (7 de junio).

Please note that the English version of the “VOTE SEGURO” page (“VOTE SAFE with Your Vote by Mail Ballot,” 49-F-VBM2) does not contain any of these mistakes. In addition, all of the other pages in the guide that provide the same information (“How to Vote,” 49-F-3WYS, etc.) are correct, whether in English or Spanish. Finally, the correct information can be found at, press releases (Advanced in-person voting to expand for June election), instructions included with each vote-by-mail ballot and postcards the Registrar of Voters Office recently sent out.

For specific errors and corrections, see the table below and the image of the page with corrections.

Location of error on page

Original text

Corrected text

First sentence of first paragraph at the top of the page

“de Windsor”

“activos del Condado de Sonoma”

Last words of left-aligned paragraph beginning with the underlined phrase, “Por correo,” under the checkbox icon labeled “Devuélvelo” near the bottom of the page

“12 de abril”

“7 de junio”

Last words of right-aligned paragraph beginning with the underlined phrase, “En persona,” under the checkbox icon labelld “Devuélvelo” near the bottom of the page

“12 de abril”

“7 de junio”

Correction to Voter Information Guide

The Registrar of Voters Office sincerely apologizes for these errors and any confusion they may have caused voters.

For more information about the June 7 election (or any other election-related topics), please visit the Sonoma County Registrar of Voters website at, call (707) 565-6800, email, or visit the Registrar of Voters Office in person at 435 Fiscal Drive in Santa Rosa. The office is open 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. on weekdays. In addition, due to the June primary election, the office will have special extended hours from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Saturday,June 4, and Sunday, June 5, as well as from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. on Election Day itself, June 7.


Contact Information:
Wendy Hudson
Chief Deputy Registrar of Voters
(707) 565-6800