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Department of Health Services

Behavioral Health Division

May is Mental Health Matters Month

Published: May 04, 2018

Each Mind Matters - May is Mental Health Matters Month

Every May, Sonoma County comes together to raise awareness about mental health. In Sonoma County approximately seven percent of the population lives with a serious mental illness. Each year 20 percent of Sonoma County residents will experience a mental health issue that impacts their ability to function effectively in some area of their life.

Through increased outreach efforts and other opportunities during Mental Health Matters Month, the Behavioral Health Division, in collaboration with community partners, emphasizes the importance and effectiveness of increasing awareness of mental health services and decreasing stigma by hosting a variety of activities and events:

Activity Calendar: May is Mental Health Matters Month (PDF: 201 Kb)

The Each Mind Matters campaign encourages everyone to start conversations, listen openly to one another and support a loved one with mental health challenges. For Mental Health Matters Month tools and resources go to

Toolkit: May is Mental Health Matters Month 2018