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Geyserville Drainage Project Development (E20004)

Geyserville Drainage Project Image

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Project Description

This project will gather information on the existing drainage system for the unincorporated town of Geyserville to identify problems leading to flooding issues. It will identify solutions to develop a list of projects to repair and improve drainage infrastructure in the town and its surrounding area. This will be presented in a report to guide the implementation of drainage improvements. Information gathered will assist in determining storm runoff routes and discharge locations which will help determine any repairs and upgrades needed. An assessment of risk will help to prioritize a list of drainage improvement projects with preliminary cost estimates.

 Sonoma County will work with residents, Cal Trans and other stakeholders to develop a plan of action for upgrading and improving drainage for the community of Geyserville. All procurements, including via required competitive process, will be undertaken in accordance with FEMA requirements, including 2 CFR Part 200, and all County requirements.

Tasks could include:

  • Gather known data on sources of runoff and discharge locations.
  • Identify and collect additional drainage data
  • Produce schematic of existing drainage system
  • Identify and categorize ditches, streams, pipes and culverts
  • Meetings with County, Cal Trans, Sonoma County Water Agency, Cal Am Water, CDFW to resolve responsibility questions
  • Meetings with residents to look at current drainage system, review problem areas and identify possible solutions
  • Meetings with Syar, Sonoma County Water Agency, County, CDFW to look at instream issues that increase the risk of flooding
  • Educate residents on how they can help alleviate flooding issues by proper drainage maintenance and upkeep. Coordinate a Drainage Day
  • Develop an annual maintenance plan and identify responsible parties
  • Develop prioritized list of drainage improvement projects to 30-percent level with cost; and identify possible funding options

Consultant responsibilities will be fulfilled when the report is completed and approved.

Geyserville Streetscape Web Application

This web application includes a map identifying features in the road right-of-way along Geyserville Avenue. This information will be used in current and future improvement projects in this area.

Click Here: Geyserville Streetscape Web Application

Contact Information

Please direct any questions to Yoash Tilles at