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Road Commissioner Project Declarations

Road Commissioner 1

Transportation and Public Works is now Sonoma Public Infrastructure - Website updates coming soon!


This page contains links to County Road Commissioner Declarations that have recently been approved in Sonoma County, pursuant to Public Contract Code section 22031 (e).

Please contact the Sonoma County Road Commissioner with any questions or comments concerning these declarations.

Johannes Hoevertsz
Sonoma County Road Commissioner
(707) 565-2231

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Pauline Court Overlay (Project C25203)

Pepper Road Culvert Replacement (Project C25501)

Sequoia Avenue Culvert Replacement (Project C25503)

Sweetwater Solider Wall Replacement (Project C255601)

West Soda Rock Road Overlay (Project C25204)

Chalk Hill Wall Replacement (Project C25201)

Ramondo Drive Overlay (Project C25202)

Camp Meeker Railroad Avenue Slipout Repair (Project C25602)

Canyon Road Culvert Replacement (Project C25504)

East Austin Creek Soldier Wall Replacement (Project C25603)

Eagle Nest Soldier Wall Replacement (Project C19501)

Green Valley Culvert Replacement (Project C25502)

East Austin Creek Road viaduct near Cazadero (Project M24201)

Austin Creek Road Culvert, Embankment, and Road Repair (PM 15.39)

East Austin Creek Road near Cazadero (Project C24204)

Sweetwater Springs Road Bridge over Porter Creek (Project C24401)


Bohemian Highway Soldier Pile Wall (Project C23806)

Burnside Road Maintenance Overlay (Project C24202)

Chalk Hill Road Culvert Replacement (Project C24501)

Fort Ross Road Soldier Pile Wall (Project C23814)

Jewett Road Culvert Replacement (Project C24504)

Laughlin Road Maintenance Overlay (Project C24201)

Main St Bridge over Dutch Bill Creek Pile Column Repair (Project M23804)

Montgomery Road Soldier Pile Wall (Project C23809)

Mill Creek Viaduct (Project C23813)

Old Monte Rio Crib Wall Replacement (Project C24203)

Pine Flat Road Bank Stabilization/Rip Rap Wall (Project C23804)

West Sexton Rd PM 10.08 Culvert Replacement (Project C24503)

West Sexton Rd PM 10.95 Culvert Replacement (Project C24502)

Rio Nido Culvert Replacement (Project C20012)


Green Valley Road Overlay (Project C23502)

Spring Hill Road Overlay (Project C23501) 

Watmaugh Road Overlay (Project C23503)