Department of Health Services

Apply for Measure O Oversight Committee Now through February 12, 2021

Published: January 08, 2021

As Sonoma County and the Department of Health Services start putting in place the structure for Measure O: Mental Health, Addiction and Homeless Services Measure Transactions and Use Tax Ordinance, passed in November, we would like to announce we are accepting applications for the Measure O Citizen’s Oversight Committee and invite you to apply now through February 12, 2021.

The purpose of this committee is to review expenditures from the transactions and use tax including the County’s annual independent audit. The committee’s review shall be completed in conjunction with the County’s budget process. The seven committee members will be appointed by the Board of Supervisors and comprised of two city selection members, at least one hospital or first responder member, one fire or law enforcement member, one business community member and one member with lived experience.

To apply go here: and click the Apply button in blue on the top right corner.

About Measure O

As a reminder, Measure O funding will support Behavioral Health Facilities, Emergency Psychiatric Services, Mental Health and Substance Use Disorder Outpatient Services, Behavioral Health and Homelessness Care Coordination, and Transitional and Permanent Supportive Housing. We estimate over the next 10 years the County will receive $250 million ($25 million annually) to be spent on behavioral health facilities, emergency psychiatric/crisis services, mental health and substance use disorder outpatient services, behavioral health homeless/care coordination and transitional and permanent supportive housing. 

Measure O Text (PDF)