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A Portrait of Sonoma County

Portrait of Sonoma County

Portrait of Sonoma County: 2021 Update

The Portrait of Sonoma County: 2021 Update report is a follow-up to the groundbreaking 2014 A Portrait of Sonoma County report.

Taken as a whole, the updated report shows that people in Sonoma County live longer, earn more money, stay in school and earn college degrees at higher rates than in other counties across California and the United States. Yet the report also reveals that health and well-being continues to vary widely for many people and neighborhoods in Sonoma County.

Unlike the 2014 Portrait, a new Agenda for Action is being developed in response to the published report and in partnership with the community.

View the updated Portrait of Sonoma County 2021 report

"Portraits" of Sonoma County Reflect on Impact

To reflect the 2014 Portrait's impact, community organizations participated in a social media project to show how they were using the report in their work a year later.

Overview of the Portrait

portrait-of-sonoma-county-200.jpgThe 2014 A Portrait of Sonoma County report took an in-depth look at how the residents of Sonoma County were faring in three fundamental areas: life expectancy, education, and income. The report examined disparities within Sonoma County among neighborhoods and along the lines of race, ethnicity, and gender. 

Health Action Alignment with the Portrait

Health Action, dedicated to improving health and well-being and achieving greater equity across Sonoma County, used A Portrait of Sonoma County to create its Framework for Action that categorizes its priorities in alignment with the Human Development Index.


A Long and Healthy Life
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Educational Attainment
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A Comfortable Standard of Living
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For more information, visit Sonoma Health Action