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Department of Health Services

Boards, Commissions and Committees


Mental Health Board


Maternal, Child and Adolescent Health Advisory Board

The Maternal, Child, Adolescent Health (MCAH) Advisory Board meets on the first Thursday of each month; the community is invited to attend all meetings.


Home Visiting Advisory Collaborative


Emergency Medical Care Council

The EMCC is an advisory council for Emergency Medical Care and Response within Sonoma County.


EMS Systems Workgroup

EMS (emergency medical services) systems improvement workgroup established to engage on various aspects of EMS in Sonoma County, including the design of an RFP for the Exclusive Operating Area serving Santa Rosa and surrounding communities, the establishment of non-competitive operating areas, and the update to the Sonoma County EMS ordinance.


First Five Commission

Promoting, supporting and improving optimal early development of children from the prenatal stage to five years of age.


Healthcare Disaster Planning Forum

The Healthcare Disaster Planning Forum meets quarterly to discuss planning and coordination of emergency preparedness and response for disasters affecting the health of the public.