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Human Resources Department

Workforce Demographics

The infographics below display the racial, gender, and age demographics of the County’s workforce and a comparison to the available labor force of Sonoma County. The available labor force is based on US Census data and is comprised of Sonoma County residents between 20-65 years of age.

County Workforce and Sonoma County Available Labor Force Demographics

This infographic displays a trend in race/ethnicity demographics for the County’s workforce and the Sonoma County Available Labor Force.

Race/Ethnicity and Gender Demographics by Department

These infographics display a trend of employee race/ethnicity and gender demographics for the County’s workforce and for each department/agency.

Age Demographics

Categorized by age groups, this infographic shows an overview of the race/ethnicity and gender demographics of the County’s workforce.

Age Demographics by Department

This infographic shows age demographics of employees in each department/agency.