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<h2>Three-Packs for Admin and Supervisory Staff</h2>

[Link title and 'three-packs', below to Training packages' page]

Three-packs are a series of 3 short, powerful courses specially tailored for admin staff and supervisors/managers.  Each course is 1/2 day in length and offered in quick succession to assist you in completing the series.  Your group of colleagues will enjoy learning and sharing together.

We offer over 100 courses at our Training Center located on Fiscal Drive in the County Administration Building. Led by WD staff and skilled trainers from outside the County, our courses focus on gaining knowledge,  learning and practicing new skills, and transferring those skills to your job. This process, called 'transfer of learning' (LINK) requires your participation in the learning process in the classroom along with a commitment to use the skills on your job as soon as possible.