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Human Resources Department

Workforce Development


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A “COMPETENCY” is characteristic that consists of measurable skills, knowledge, or tasks that lead to effective performance. An employee should be able to perform a designated role at a target degree of proficiency.

All program/course competencies are categorized under Sonoma County's Five Values:
Equity, Accountability, Collaboration, Excellence, and Innovation.

Value Competencies


Supports and enables efforts to advance a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive workplace that reflects and serves the residents of Sonoma County.

Understands how racism, discrimination and bias impact the lives of constituents and colleagues at personal, interpersonal, institutional, socio-economic, and cultural levels.

Works to reduce disparities in health and well-being among the underserved, unserved, and mis-served, including people of color.


Builds relationships and forms partnerships with colleagues and peers, community organizations, government agencies, and other entities to support common values and a vision to achieve shared goals.


Establishes clear responsibilities and processes for monitoring work and measuring productivity. 

Recognizes areas for self-improvement and pursues professional development for continuous learning. Aligns actions to mission and goals of the County of Sonoma.


Demonstrates excellence is the commitment to superior public service by ensuring all processes and operations are necessary, clearly defined, and efficiently designed.


Develops useful ideas that are new and unique. Introduces new ways of looking at issues and takes a creative approach to put ideas into practice. Embraces various perspectives to promote or nurture innovation.

Key Competencies

KEY COMPETENCIES” are broad and inclusive skills which provide a framework for how employees can succeed at work. They animate the County’s values and link what we believe with how we perform. Key competencies apply to all positions, but the importance of each competency and how it is demonstrated may vary according to the assigned role of an employee. 

Competencies by County Values