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Workforce Development

About Us

Workforce Development 750

Group Circular Banner 225Workforce Development assists the County of Sonoma in training and employing skilled and competent staff that help to make Sonoma County the uniquely wonderful place to work and to live that it is.

Our offerings include classroom learning opportunities, online courses, certification programs for several employment levels within the County, as well as training for teams, customized training and learning packages for departments, and succession planning efforts to build a talent pool of future County leaders. 

Our Mission

man reading book during sunset 175Workforce Development enhances the capacity of every County employee to provide effective and efficient services to other County departments and therefore to the residents of and visitors to the County of Sonoma. 

We believe that each employee owns his or her own employability.  

Our classes support you in succeeding in your current position and learning what you need to know for your next one. Then it's a simple matter of designing a professional development plan with your manager's support to get you there.

Execution of that plan? That's your responsibility.