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Consultant List

Examples of Organizational Development (OD) consultant services include training, coaching, facilitation, mediation, project management, etc.

Contact Training & Development Analyst Lori LaFlores at Workforce Development for requests.

  • Departments can access organizational development services under contracts that HR-Workforce Development (HR-WD) has with the Organizational Development providers.
  • A Statement of Work (SOW) should be in place with the HR-WD unit prior to services rendered.


To access OD consultants on HR-Workforce Development contracts, please follow this process:

  1. Contact Workforce Development (WD) to inquire about availability of OD consultant (based on remaining allocation in contract and other planned work.)
  2. Complete the OD Consultant Request Form (pdf: 168kB). 
  3. If consultant is available, department/unit initiates contact with consultant and negotiates a work plan and budget.
  4. Department/unit completes a Statement of Work (SOW), utilizing the SOW Template (Word: 50kB) provided by HR-WD.
  5. Department/unit forwards completed SOW to HR-WD for review/approval.
  6. Once approved, HR-WD provides EFS Code for Billing and Contract Number.
  7. Once SOW is approved by HR-WD, department/unit will initiate execution of SOW by obtaining consultant and department/unit signatures.
    1. This can be done with hard copies or electronically (ex: via Adobe Sign)
    2. If electronic signatures order is 1. consultant, 2. department/unit, 3. HR-WD Manager
    3. If hard copy, department/unit is responsible for forwarding the signed SOW to consultant.
  8. Department/unit schedules logistics with consultant.
  9. As described in the SOW, consultant must send all invoices to department/unit contact and the HR-WD Analyst.
  10. Department/unit requests payment of invoices through their Accounts Payable and copies the Training and Development Analyst and WD Manager on these requests.