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Human Resources Department

Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) / Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Public Access Division

Public Accommodation Resources

ASL Sign for Interpreter

American Sign Language (ASL)

The County has Blanket Purchase Orders (BPOs) with two companies that provide ASL interpreters who can assist with translation for the hearing impaired in meetings. Please note that given the length and/or complexity of the meeting, more than one interpreter may be required.

Instructions: Use County BPO

Phone:(707) 546-6869

Language People
Phone:(707) 538-8900

If after talking with the BPO provider, they are not able to meet your accommodation need, please contact the ADA Coordinator for help identifying additional resources.

711 California Relay Service

The State of California makes communicating by telephone easy with the 711 California Relay Service.

It’s as simple as dialing 711 to be connected with an operator who will facilitate your communication.

Job Accommodation Network

Job Accommodation Network is a free service provided by the U.S. Department of Labor’s Office of Disability Employment Policy (ODEP) and facilitates the employment and retention of workers with disabilities by providing information on job accommodations.

They can also assist with identifying solutions to accessibility issues for a wide range of impairments.

 Phone:  (800) 526-7234
 TDD:  (877) 781-9403

U.S. Department of Justice

The Department of Justice interprets and enforces the ADA, and has additional resources available.