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Human Resources Department

Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) / Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Public Access Division

Employment Related Investigative Services

Equal Employment Opportunity Americans with Disability Act 750

In July 2017, the Human Resources Department conducted a Request for Proposal for Employment Related Investigative Services to establish master contracts with selected investigator firms for use by County Departments.

Services are to consist of performing internal investigations and related work that may cover a broad range of employment issues, including but not limited to: equal employment opportunity, discipline, liability, and workplace security.


Authorization for use of these vendors must be obtained from the Sonoma County Human Resources (HR) Department.

User Department – Submit Request for Investigative Services (PDF: 228 kB) before contacting vendor.

  1. In order to comply with County of Sonoma procurement policies, no additional agreements for employment related investigation services should be implemented with these vendors.
  2. All Sonoma County Departments may use these BPOs.
  3. Once authorization for use of a BPO has been obtained from HR, the user department will be responsible for negotiating a final scope of work with contractor for a designated investigation, and responsible for managing the investigation. The final scope of work may include elements such as: refining the scope of the investigation and cost estimate, identifying and developing critical issues to be investigated, determining investigation objectives and specific tasks involved, finalizing the schedule, and determining reporting formats and contacts.
  4. Departments will pay out of their individual departmental budgets for their own investigations. Contractor will invoice departments directly. Invoices must be submitted to the ordering department and shall reference the BPO number and any departmental ordering number. It is the responsibility of each user department to carefully review their invoices to verify that prices charged by the vendor agree with the prices as set forth in the BPOs.
  5. Certain types of employment related investigations are managed and paid by HR – see matrix for details