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Human Resources Department

Sonoma County Law Enforcement Association (SCLEA)

2023 - 2026 SCLEA Memorandum of Understanding:   Article 35: Association Security

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What’s on this Page

  • 35.1 Payroll Deductions and Written Authorization
  • 35.2 Certification of Association Membership
  • 35.3 Separation from Unit Exception
  • 35.4 Notice of New Employees
  • 35.5 Indemnification

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35.1 Payroll Deductions and Written Authorization

The County agrees to deduct the periodic payroll deductions from the paycheck of each employee who the Association certifies as authorizing the deduction.  All sums deducted by the County will be remitted to the Association in an expedient manner at the intervals requested by the Association, together with the names of each employee for whom a deduction was made.

The County will implement any change to an employee’s payroll deductions in the first full pay period following notification of such change by the Association.

If an employee member in the bargaining unit desires to revoke, cancel or change prior dues deduction authorization, they will direct that request to the Association.  Any such dues deduction revocation, cancellation and/or change will be effectuated by the County only after the Association provides the County with written direction for such revocation, cancellation and/or change.

The Association will indemnify and hold the County harmless for any claims and/or damages arising from claims by employees resulting from such deductions.

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35.2 Certification of Association Membership

All employees in the bargaining unit represented by the Association may voluntarily join the Association and pay dues, initiation fees and general assessments, as well as payment of any other Association membership benefit program sponsored by the Association (hereafter referred to as “payroll deductions”) as determined by the Association.  It is the responsibility of the Association to maintain a record of employees who have given their written consent to join and pay dues to the Association.  The Association will certify to the County the names of employees who have given their written consent and the amount of such payroll deductions to be deducted.

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35.3 Separation From Unit Exception

The provision of Sections 35.1 and 35.2 shall not apply during periods of separation from the eligible bargaining unit by any employee otherwise subject to those provisions but shall reapply to such employee following the return of the employee to the bargaining unit.  The term “separation” includes layoffs, transfer out of the covered bargaining units by request, promotion, demotion, reclassification or for any other lawful reason, and unpaid status, all of a duration of more than one (1) full pay period.

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35.4 Notice of New Employees

  1. To the extent the information is available, the County shall provide the Association with the names, addresses, personal email addresses and telephone numbers of all new employees coming into the relevant bargaining units during each subsequent pay period.
  2. The names and addresses provided the Association shall be kept confidential.

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35.5 Indemnification

The Association shall comply with all statutory and legal requirements with respect to this article.

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