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Human Resources Department

Sonoma County Law Enforcement Association (SCLEA)

2019 - 2023 SCLEAMemorandum of Understanding:   Article 10: Uniforms and Safety Boots

Sonoma County Law Enforcement Association

10.1 General Provisions

In its sole discretion, the County shall determine which classifications shall be required to wear uniforms and/or safety boots as a condition of employment. The parties acknowledge that County-issued uniforms and safety boots are not suitable for everyday wear outside working hours, and that employees shall use the uniforms and safety boots only while on duty and traveling to and from County work.

Each employee who is issued a uniform and/or safety boot voucher shall wear the required uniform or safety boots for the employee’s specific work assignment. Any employee who terminates employment with the County must return all uniform items to the County; safety boots need not be returned.

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10.2 Uniforms

Each employee covered by this Memorandum of Understanding who is required to wear a uniform shall be assigned a full complement of uniforms that meet the specifications prescribed by the County. Each employee who is required by the department head to perform an assignment in which the employee is required to be in uniform shall wear the uniform that conforms to the specifications required by the County. Employees assigned to duties requiring the wearing of a uniform shall be entitled to the replacement of worn out or damaged uniform items as long as they continue to be assigned to such duties provided that such damage occurred through no fault of the employee. Employees who are not assigned to duties that require the wearing of a uniform shall be responsible for the maintenance of a serviceable dress uniform that meets County specifications.

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10.3 Uniform Cleaning Allowance

Effective July 30, 2019, the County agrees to provide full-time, part-time and job share employees in the classifications listed below, $7.30 for each pay period the employee is in paid status as a contribution toward the cost of cleaning required uniforms.

The classifications entitled to a uniform cleaning allowance are:

  • Correctional Deputy I
  • Correctional Deputy II
  • Correctional Sergeant
  • Juvenile Correctional Counselor I (Juvenile Justice Center Only)
  • Juvenile Correctional Counselor II (Juvenile Justice Center Only)
  • Juvenile Correctional Counselor III (Juvenile Justice Center Only)
  • Juvenile Correctional Counselor IV (Juvenile Justice Center Only)
  • Park Ranger I
  • Park Ranger II
  • Fire Inspector I
  • Fire Inspector II
  • Senior Fire Inspector
  • Helicopter Pilot

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10.4 Safety Boots

Upon initial employment and annually on the first payday in December of each fiscal year, the County shall provide an annual voucher of $225.00 towards the purchase of required safety/utility boots for each employee from an expanded vendor list in the following classifications: Correctional Deputy I, Correctional Deputy II, Correctional Sergeant, Senior Fire Inspector, Fire Inspector I, Fire Inspector II, Helicopter Pilot,Park Ranger I, Park Ranger II, Probation Industries Crew Supervisor, and Probation Industries Field Supervisor.

No later than September 30, 2019, the Association will provide written input to the County on an expanded vendor list. After considering the Association’s input, the County will decide the final expanded vendor list for publication by December 1, 2019.

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