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Sonoma County Law Enforcement Association (SCLEA)

2018 - 2019 SCLEAMemorandum of Understanding: Appendix D: Domestic Partner Defined

Sonoma County Law Enforcement Association

The term “domestic partner” as used in the MOU is based on the definition below:

A “domestic partnership” shall exist between two persons, one of whom is an employee of the County, covered by this Memorandum of Understanding, regardless of their gender and each of them shall be the “domestic partner” of the other if they both complete, sign, and cause to be filed with the County an “Affidavit of Domestic Partnership” attesting to the following:

  1. the two parties reside together and share the common necessities of life;
  2. the two parties are not married to anyone, eighteen years or older, not related by blood closer than would bar marriage in the State of California, and mentally competent to consent to contract and are not acting under fraud or duress;
  3. the two parties declare that they are each other’s sole domestic partner and they are responsible for their common welfare;
  4. the two parties agree to notify the County in writing if there is a change of circumstances attested to the affidavit; and
  5. the two parties affirm, under penalty of perjury, that the assertions in the affidavit are true to the best of their knowledge.

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A member of a domestic partnership may provide notice of the end of said relationship by filing a statement with the County. In the statement, the person filing must affirm, under penalty of perjury, that

  1. the partnership is terminated; and
  2. a copy of the termination statement has been mailed to the other partner.

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New Statements of Domestic Partnership

No person who has filed an affidavit of domestic partnership may file another such affidavit until six months after a statement of termination of the previous partnership has been filed with the County. This requirement does not apply if the earlier domestic partnership ended because of the death of either partner.

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