Public Swimming Pool and Spa Program

Our staff ensures pools and spas are hazard free and safe for public enjoyment.  We also review and approve plans and specifications for new and remodeled public pools or spas in order to ensure they meet State standards.

Public Pool and Spa Permits

If building a new public pool or spa please go to our New Construction or Major Upgrades page to get started.

If you are upgrading an existing public pool or spa or changing ownership, start by contacting the pool inspector for your area.  Your inspector will:

  • Determine if your facility needs a site review. 
  • Identify any violations of the California Pool Code that will require remediation prior to operating.
  • Determine which permitting process below you need to complete.
  • A permit is required for each individual pool and/or spa.

You may contact us: 

After receiving the inspector's report, you are ready to move on to the next step.

Next Step to Receive Your Public Pool or Spa Permit

After you have spoken with the inspector, you will be directed to follow one of the options below to obtain your permit.  Please click on the appropriate option listed below to get started.

New Construction or Major Upgrades
A plan review and construction inspection is needed before you submit your permit application.

Minor Upgrades
Work with your inspector to identify and fix the minor upgrades needed before you submit your permit application.

No Upgrades Required
No site review nor plan review is required.  You may submit your permit application.

Not sure which permitting process you need to complete?  Please contact your pool inspector or our offices at 707-565-6565 or online.

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