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Department of Health Services

4th Prop 47 Advisory Committee Meeting

Published: June 11, 2024

Community members are invited to attend the 4th Prop 47 Jail In-reach Local Advisory Committee on Wednesday, July 17th from 12:30pm to 1:30pm. The purpose of the jail in-reach program is to use intensive engagement strategies to establish relationships with individuals who have serious mental health and/or substance use disorders, are unhoused or precariously housed, and are repeatedly incarcerated. The scope of the project is to gain trust with these individuals while they are incarcerated and connect them with ongoing services, supports, and resources in the community. The program will serve up to 40 individuals at any given time.

The zoom link to attend the meeting is here:

Local Advisory Committee Agenda:

1. Introductions
2. Review of Agenda
3. Overview of Prop 47 Jail In-Reach Program & Purpose of LAC
4. Implementation Update:
    * Successes
    * Barriers
    * # of Referrals
    * Other Data?
5. Local Evaluation Plan
6. Discussion
7. Community Q&A
8. Next Meeting: October 16, 2024  12:30PM

Minutes from the April 17, 2024 meeting