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Weekly Roundup for May 3, 2024

Published: May 03, 2024

Today’s digest provides helpful and important updates on the following:

  1. Sonoma County EDB releases new Demographics Report
  2. May is Mental Health Awareness Month
  3. Farm Trails Spring Tour happens this weekend
  4. Latest Sonoma County job opportunities
  5. Other Sonoma County news of note

New Demographics Report from County Economic Development Board

Discover the economic and population insights that shape Sonoma County's business landscape in the latest report from Sonoma County Economic Development Board.

This valuable resource is a must-have for business market research, grant applications and understanding workforce dynamics.

Key Findings:

  • Women hold significant sway in Sonoma County's business scene, with 42% of businesses being either female-owned or equally owned by both genders.
  • BIPOC-owned businesses are on the rise, comprising 33% of firms operating for less than 2 years, reflecting a younger entrepreneurial demographic.
  • Sonoma County has experienced a population decline for 6 consecutive years, resulting in a 4% decrease since 2016.

Unlock the full report for in-depth insights at:

May is Mental Health Awareness Month

Take a moment to check-in and see how you're feeling. What will help you make this day a little easier?

  • Move your body
  • Lean on loved ones for support
  • Have gratitude
  • Reflect on your achievements
  • Prioritize sleep for rejuvenation

How do you care for your emotional, psychological and social well-being?

If you are experiencing a mental or emotional crisis, substance abuse disorder, or want to explore the full spectrum of mental health resources available to anyone living in Sonoma County, please visit:

Farm Trails Spring Tour happens this weekend

From barnyard charm to exploring how your favorite foods, fibers and flowers make it to your table, there's something for everyone at Sonoma County Farm Trails Spring Tour this weekend, May 4-5.

Support local small-scale agriculture and visit with farmers as they guide you through their fields and walk you through how they grow and harvest. See farm animals up close and savor fresh farm-to-table cheese, honey, wine and more, from farm stands.

All ages are welcome to join in the fun. Registration is quick, easy and free, though some farms might have special hours, require RSVPs, or charge a fee, so be sure to plan ahead.

For more information, including how to plan your route using an online guide, visit”

Latest Sonoma County job opportunities

For the latest updates and exciting opportunities, visit the County of Sonoma Careers on Facebook:

Plus, dive into detailed job descriptions, qualifications and application details on the career portal at:

Or, if you prefer a chat, give Human Resources a call at (707) 565-2331 for more info.

Other Sonoma County news of note

Sonoma County Cannabis Equity Program awards $635,000 to advance economic justice and reduce industry barriers

Sonoma County officials urge residents to prepare for wildfire season

Sonoma County to hold May 4 memorial service for 44 residents whose bodies were unclaimed