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Weekly Roundup for August 26, 2022

Published: August 26, 2022

Today’s digest provides helpful and important updates on the following:

  1. Drought town hall Sept. 1
  2. Important heat safety & water reminders
  3. Sonoma County COVID Update
  4. Latest news from County of Sonoma

Drought Town Hall Sept. 1

Please join Sonoma Water and the County of Sonoma for a virtual town hall next Thursday, Sept. 1 at 4 p.m. to update the public on the drought emergency.

Experts will provide the latest information on drought conditions and answer your questions. Participants will learn how they can install a rainwater catchment system before winter and explore an innovative program that will store water underground in Sonoma County for use in future droughts.

Drought town halls will occur the first Thursday of every month at 4 p.m. and will run through November on the following dates: Sept. 1, Oct. 6 and Nov. 3.

Register here to view the town hall on Zoom and pose questions to panelists:

Spanish and ASL interpretation will be available on Zoom. Questions may also be submitted via email to

Learn more at

Important Heat Safety & Water Reminders

Please be aware of pet safety during hot weather and never leave your pets in a parked car.

Friendly reminders:

  • Watch the humidity
  • Limit exercise on hot days
  • Provide ample shade and water
  • Don’t rely on a fan
  • Watch out for hot pavement

For more information on preparing for heat safety, and other hazards and threats, please visit:

Plus, caution is urged for individuals who boat, fish or swim in the Russian River and individuals who boat or fish in Santa Rosa’s Spring Lake due to the discovery of potentially toxic algal mats in the water. The water in the swimming lagoon at Spring Lake Regional Park, which is separate from the lake itself, is treated and is safe to swim in, according to Sonoma County Regional Parks.

Practice these healthy water habits while enjoying the lake and river:

  • Heed all instructions on posted advisories if present 
  • Avoid algae and scum in the water and on the shore 
  • Keep an eye on children and pets 
  • If you think a harmful algal bloom or toxic algal mats are present, do not let pets and other animals go into or drink the water or eat scum/algal mats on the shore 
  • Don’t drink the water or use it for cooking 
  • Wash yourself, your family and your pets with clean water after water play 
  • If you catch fish, throw away guts and clean fillets with tap water or bottled water
  • Avoid eating shellfish if you think a harmful algal bloom is present 

To learn more, please visit:

Sonoma County COVID Update

Remember, wearing a mask is an act of kindness and masking up is still strongly recommended to help protect us and our loved ones against COVID-19.

Testing information is available here:

Remember to self-report an at-home COVID-19 antigen test by filling out this form:

Reporting your result is confidential. Once the form is submitted, you will receive links to isolation and quarantine guidelines and available resources.

For local information on how, where and when to get vaccinated against COVID-19, please visit:  

For local data and information on COVID-19, please visit:

Latest News from County of Sonoma

Get involved with Sonoma County government by serving on local boards, commissions, and committees. This opportunity is intended to bolster community engagement, add insight and value to challenging and complex concerns, and improve understanding for all parties.

New members will be appointed (or incumbents re-appointed) by the Board of Supervisors to a standard two-year term. Meetings are usually held on a quarterly basis. Each member shall be compensated $75 per committee meeting attended.

To learn more about boards and commissions vacancies, please visit:

The Sonoma County Economic Development Board is hosting their annual Fall Economic Perspective on Sept. 30, featuring Washington-based economist, Claudia Sahm, who will share expertise on monetary and fiscal policy and forecasting.

Register here:

Please be advised: Spring Lake Regional Park's swimming lagoon and water park will be closed Wednesday, Aug. 24, and Monday through Wednesday, Aug. 29-31, due to a shortage of lifeguards during those times. Keeping the community safe is a top priority. The swimming lagoon and water park will be open as usual Thursdays through Sundays and over the Labor Day Weekend holiday.

Just released: Boaters, anglers and other river recreation enthusiasts may now begin or end their non-motorized adventures on the Russian River near the downtown area of Guerneville, as Sonoma County Regional Parks has officially opened the community’s first public boat launch and portage at Guerneville River Park this month.

To learn more, please visit:

Sonoma County Historical Records Commission opens nominations for annual recognition awards 

Sonoma County Project Homekey site approved

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