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Community Development Commission

Sonoma County Housing Authority

Useful Forms

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Refer to the table below to find useful forms for participants of the Housing Choice Voucher program.

FormFormulario (En Español)Event
Alleged Abuse of Section 8 Rental Assistance Program (Word Doc: .03 MB)Presunto abuso de la Sección 8 programa  Report suspected abuse of the Section 8 program or other illegal activity. 
Employment and Wage Form (PDF: .04 MB)  Form to give to Eligibility Worker when tenant has a change in income or employment.

Family Change Report Form  (PDF: .04MB)

Reporte de cambio de ingresosForm to be filled out by tenant and given to Housing Authority if the tenant has a life change such as a job promotion or demotion, new spouse, new child, divorce/separation/death, or any event which changes the number of people or the amount of income for the household.
General Release Form (PDF: .03 MB) Give permission to a third party to release information to the Sonoma County Housing Authority on your behalf.

Letter of Intention to Vacate (PDF: .04 MB)

 Form to be filled out by tenant intending to move out of current unit.
Owner's Permission to Vacate (PDF: .08 MB) Form to be filled out by tenant or landlord to be signed by landlord for permission to have tenant leave the unit. 
Tenant Repair Request (PDF: .01 MB) Form to be filled out by tenant and given to Landlord so that repairs are completed before inspection by the Sonoma County Housing Authority