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Department of Emergency Management

Emergency Council Meeting

Date: July 09, 2020

Time: 11:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.

Registration Required: No

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Call in from a mobile device (attendees only)
1-408-418-9388 United States Toll
Meeting number (access code): 964 850 048
Meeting password: hbNHCvJc428


  1. Roll Call / Opening Remarks
  2. Establish Quorum / Approve Agenda
  3. Approve Minutes
  4. Old Business
    1. Review and Consider Revision of Council Mission & Membership (discussion, possible action)
    2. After Action Reports: 2019 Kincade Wildfire and Power Shutoffs (discussion)
  5. New Business
    1. COVID-19 Pandemic Response (discussion)
    2. Operational Area Concurrent Hazard Response Annex (discussion, possible action)
    3. Evacuation Planning (discussion)
    4. California Auditor Report: Access and Functional Needs (discussion)
    5. September 2020 Alert & Warning Exercise
  6. Continuing Business
    1. Operational Area Exercises & Training
      • Homeland Security Grants
    2. Member Announcements
    3. Adjourn

Attachment 1: Emergency Council Background


Established by Sonoma County Municipal Code (Chapter 10, Section 10-7). Authorized under California Government Code (Title 2, Division 1, Chapter 7, Article 10).


  1. Study, revise and recommend to the Board of Supervisors for adoption, the County/Operational Area Emergency Plan
  2. Review and recommend action upon all proposed mutual aid agreements
  3. Review
  4. Annually review goals and objectives for the county/operational area.
  5. May recommend calling and conducting test exercises.
  6. Approve any of county/operational area funding distribution proposals (grants) as required by CalOES.
  7. Serve as Operational Area Citizen Corps Council (grant requirement)


Primarily local government agency representatives with some community organization participation (up to 33 potential members total).


The Chair of Board Supervisors serves as ex officio Chair. In their absence, the County Administrator (in their role as the County Director of Emergency Services) to serve. A member of the Department of Emergency Management serves as ex officio Secretary.


None. County Code states: majority vote; quorum to conduct business is calculated at the time of the meeting based on the number of representatives appointed; may appoint committees.

Meeting Schedule

At least semiannually.

Attachment 2: Emergency Council Membership

  1. The chair of the board of supervisors of the county
  2. The director or designee (County Administrator)
  3. The County director of the department of emergency services or designee
  4. The County sheriff or designee
  5. The County director of general services or designee
  6. The County director of information systems or designee
  7. The County director of the department of health services or designee
  8. The County director of human resources or designee
  9. The County director of human services or designee
  10. The County director of permit and resource management department or designee
  11. The County director of the department of transportation and public works or designee
  12. The general manager of the Sonoma County water agency or designee
  13. The Regional Manager of Coast Valleys EMS agency or designee
  14. One (1) representative from each of the incorporated cities within the County, appointed from time to time by the respective city councils
  15. One (1) member representing the public utilities within the County engaged in the transmission of power, gas, telephonic or telegraphic communications or other similar utility, appointed annually by the chair of the emergency council
  16. One (1) member representing the public schools in the County appointed annually by the Sonoma County superintendent of schools
  17. One ( l) member representing the general public appointed annually by the chair of the emergency council
  18. One (1) member representing the local chapter of the American Red Cross
  19. One (1) representative from the California National Guard
  20. One (1) representative from the U.S. Coast Guard Two Rock Training Center
  21. One (1) representative from each specific state agency utilized in County's emergency response including, but not limited to, California Department of Forestry & Fire Protection (Cal- Fire), California Highway Patrol (CHP), and California Office of Emergency Services (OES)
  22. One (1) representative from any signatory party of the Operational Area Agreement in force, not previously identified herewith.