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Department of Emergency Management


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The Sonoma County Operational Area Emergency Operations Plan (EOP) is a guidebook for phases of an all-hazards emergency management process within the Operational Area (County). The phases of emergency management include preparedness, response, and recovery, and mitigation. The EOP is intended to facilitate coordination between agencies and jurisdictions within Sonoma County while ensuring the protection of life, property, and the environment during disasters. This Plan provides the framework for a coordinated effort among local community, county, city, special district, private sectors, regional, state, tribal, and federal partners. The EOP also reflects the county efforts to ensure equity and reach members of traditionally underserved communities.

What are annexes?

Annexes provide additional information in support of the EOP. The EOP is the all-hazard plan. The annexes give additional information relevant to a specific threat or response action, when needed. Some examples are Evacuation Plan, Community Alert & Warning, Russian River Flood Plan, and Extreme Heat Events Plan. They are supporting documents, and changes to the EOP will be reflected in future annexes and updates.

A community’s outcome in a disaster can be greatly improved through preparedness for all hazards. For more information on preparedness go to