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Board of Supervisors approves funding for expanded vaccination plan

Santa Rosa,CA | February 08, 2021

The Board of Supervisors recently approved the allocation of funds for the next phase of the County’s COVID-19 Vaccination Response plan, as laid out by the county Department of Health Services. The total cost of the vaccination plan from January through June 2021 is projected to be $8.1 million, of which the Federal Emergency Management Agency is expected to cover 75 percent. President Joe Biden on Tuesday signed an executive order that effectively increases the federal cost-share of FEMA assistance from 75 percent to 100 percent.

The approved strategies call for scaling up and expanding services to vaccinate a higher number of Sonoma County residents and to accelerate the continued rollout of the County’s comprehensive COVID-19 vaccine program. The plan also calls for greater support in supplies, staffing and provisions required to effectively vaccinate the county at large. The County’s COVID-19 Vaccine Unit plans to leverage existing Department of Health Services infrastructure, public, private, and government agency partnerships, and community engagement.

Health Services will implement the vaccination  plan using current appropriations and work with the County Administrator’s Office to determine the level of appropriations needed for the current fiscal year. For example, Health Services will allocate $4.2 million for facilities rentals, vaccine transportation, vaccine supplies and support for subject matter experts, among other services.

Of the appropriated funds, $3.8 million will be used to directly support the Vaccine Unit, which is ramping up to provide vaccinations for those in  Phase 1b, Tier 1 of the state’s vaccination framework. This population now includes all 102,000 residents 65 and over in the county although the state’s framework allows counties, such as Sonoma County, to prioritize those 75 and over. Next week, most county- supported clinics will be moving to vaccinate those 70 and older. The funding will provide the Vaccine Unit with the needed staff, equipment  and supplies to perform a variety of functions ranging from vaccinations, training and storage management.

For more information, including who’s eligible for a vaccine and how to receive a vaccine, community members are encouraged to visit, or call 2-1-1.