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Surplus Goods for Sale

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What we don’t buy is as important as what we buy

Sonoma County saves money by using surplus items ranging from office supplies to furniture. We actively work to reduce the amount of surplus that ends up in the landfill. Items not picked up for reuse in County departments are either donated to nonprofits that provide public services to Sonoma County residents, or sold in online auctions to the public for reuse..

Since fiscal year 2011-12, Sonoma County has reused over 2,100 items – this saved County taxpayers approximately $128,800. During the same time period, the County donated goods with an estimated value of over $231,000 to local nonprofit organizations. If you are a 503(b) corporation that provides services to Sonoma County residents and are interested in surplus, please email us.

How to buy County surplus

  • Bid on available surplus items, please register at Public Surplus.
  • View our current inventory or auction items
  • If you are bidding on a surplus auction, please note that we do not ship items. The winning bidder is responsible for supplying proper manpower, equipment (i.e. dolly, hand truck, etc.) and appropriate vehicles for pickup. No equipment or manpower will be supplied by the County of Sonoma.
  • Winning bidders are required to pick up all items included in the auction.
  • Winning bidders must make an appointment, and confirm it with the auction contact to arrange a pickup date and time.
  • Payment must be received within five (5) business days of auction end, or the item(s) may be relisted.
  • If the items(s) are not picked up within ten (10) business days of auction end, the item(s) may be relisted, and no refunds will be given.
  • Items are sold as is.