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Alcohol Policies

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The following prerequisites and requirements apply to the service of alcoholic beverages at all events held at the Sonoma County Veterans Memorial Auditoriums.

Public Events

Public events are those events at which the general public is invited to attend, which require a fee for general attendance, or which sell food or alcoholic beverages for a fee or donation. Public events shall comply with all alcoholic beverage service requirements mandated by the State Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control and local law enforcement. Alcohol may not be otherwise served or consumed. Copies of all licenses relating to the service of alcohol at each event shall be provided to the General Services office 30 days prior to the event. Public events shall also comply with all requirements applicable to public and private events.

Private Events

Private events are those events at which attendance is by invitation only, and that do not require a fee for attendance nor for the service of food or alcohol. All private events at which attendance is 100 or more persons shall be required to engage a licensed caterer with an Off-Premise Liquor License to serve alcoholic beverages. Alcohol may not be otherwise served or consumed. As a condition to serving alcoholic beverages at such functions, the requirements set forth below and in subsection C must be satisfied in full:

  1. The licensed caterer engaged to serve alcoholic beverages must submit the following information to the General Services office prior to the private event:

    • Copy of current catering license
    • Copy of Alcoholic Beverage Control authorization
    • Copy of current insurance certificate
    • Number of bartenders at event
    • Hours the bar will be open (maximum 5 hours)

  2. All alcoholic beverages shall be brought into the facility prior to start of the event, shall be stored securely at a common bar prior to service, and shall be served only from a common bar.

  3. No service containers (bottles, aluminum cans, or pitchers) of alcohol shall be allowed on the tables, but shall remain at the common bar for service.

Requirements Applicable to Public and Private Events

The following additional requirements shall apply to the service of alcoholic beverages at both public and private events as well as private events with less than 100 in attendees.

  1. Alcoholic beverage service shall terminate one hour before the scheduled end of the event, unless the event is 3 hours or less.

  2. No alcohol shall be allowed outside the areas designated by the contract between General Services and the licensee.

California State Law prohibits the sale or service of alcoholic beverages to persons under 21 years of age. If minors are in possession of alcohol, the event will be closed immediately. Persons serving alcohol to minors during events held in Veterans Memorial Buildings are solely responsible for any criminal or civil penalties imposed. The department also reserves the right to close events in the case of minors being served alcohol, public drunkenness, concern for the safety of event participants, or related damage to the Veterans Memorial Buildings