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Liability & Insurance

Sample Form 1: Certificate of Liability Insurance

Liability & Insurance 750

Insured -The named insured must match the legal name on our contract.
General Liability: Occur -Occurrence is required.
Policy Effective and Expiration Dates -Dates must be current.
General Liability: LOC - Should be "per project" for construction and construction-related contractors.
Automobile Liability: Any Auto -Any Auto = Owned + Hired + Non-owned autos.
Umbrella & Excess Liability - Umbrella and excess limits are added to the General Liability and Auto Limits.
Empty space under Type of Insurance - Professional & Pollution or Environmental Liability are often listed here.
Description of Operations, Locations, Vehicles -The contract number, project name or other identifier should be here.
Certificate Holder -Should match the name & address specified in the Template.