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Insurance Waivers

Submitting Waivers to Risk Management

If both a Department Waiver AND a Risk Management waiver are needed for the same agreement, you do not need to do two waiver forms. Just complete the appropriate sections on both pages of the form and submit to Risk Management. Risk will review the entire form.

Getting a Waiver of Insurance Requirements

Fillable Waiver Form

Instructions for Waiver of Insurance Requirements

In some cases, if the party with whom you are contracting cannot obtain the required insurance, a waiver can be requested. Waiver requests may be granted if the absence of the required coverage or endorsement will not significantly increase the County’s exposure to loss.

Possible reasons for requesting a waiver are:

  1. The insurer won’t provide the requested coverage or endorsement, and the risk is acceptable;
  2. The person or organization cannot afford the coverage, and the risk is low;
  3. The person or organization has lower limits, and the risk is low.
  4. The person or organization is the only provider of the service and they are unwilling to purchase the coverage, and the risk is acceptable.

There are two kinds of Waivers: 1) Department Waivers and 2) Risk Management Waivers.

  1. Department Waivers

    Department Waivers are for low-risk items; your Department Head or designee can sign the waiver if the risk is low, without submitting it to Risk Management. The Template Assistant designates which items may be waived by your department without approval from Risk Management. You may only use the Department Waiver for requirements designated “Department Waiver” in the Template Assistant. This is how it looks in the Template Assistant:

    Department Waiver: You may waive the requirement for...

    To get a Department Waiver:

    1. Go to the Waiver of Insurance Requirements Form (PDF: 558 kB);
    2. Complete the general information at the top;
    3. Check the items(s) to be waived. They will be under “Section I” on the first page;
    4. Print the form and have it signed by the Department Head or designee; do not submit to Risk Management.
    5. Add the signed waiver as an exhibit to the agreement.
  2. Risk Management Waivers

    A Risk Management Waiver is needed to waive any insurance requirement not designated as a Department Waiver in the appropriate Template Assistant.

    To get a Risk Management Waiver:

    1. Go to the Waiver of Insurance Requirements Form (PDF: 558 kB);
    2. Complete the general information at the top of page 1;
    3. Attach the agreement including the Scope of Work;
    4. On page 2 of the Waiver Form, check the item(s) to be waived under “Section II” and fill in the reason for the request;
    5. Submit for consideration to Risk Management Insurance Help Desk by clicking on the “send" email link at the bottom right of the page.