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Human Resources Department

Liability & Insurance

Risk Assessment & Consulting

Liability & Insurance 750

Risk Management provides risk assessment and risk control consulting services to County entities, including;

  • Practical risk mitigation for special events, new programs, and program Improvements.
  • Risk Transfer best practices for the use of insurance, release of liability documents, and indemnity provisions.
  • Contract insurance training for contract managers, program managers, and administration staff.

Special Events 

A Special Event can be any event that occurs outside the day-to-day operations of your Department.  Examples of Special Events include, but are not limited to:

  • fundraisers
  • program graduations
  • employee picnics
  • political events
  • and conferences.

As the event organizer you are responsible for the identification and management of potential risks.

Event organizers can effectively manage risks by anticipating, understanding and making decisions during the event planning process to reduce and control the identified risks. This process is called Risk Management and in order to know what risks need to be managed, a risk assessment needs to be conducted. A risk assessment is the process of identifying and determining the probability of a harmful effect to an individual or to property.

Start the risk assessment process for your Special Event by filling out the Special Event Risk Assessment Form (PDF: 324 kb).