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Human Resources Department

Liability & Insurance

Evidence of County's Insurance

Some contracts require the County to provide evidence of its own insurance. 

Certain certificates may be provided by a County Department directly to the requesting party, while other certificates must be provided by Risk Management.

Department Issued Certificates of Insurance

Departments may issue their Certificate of the County’s insurance if the required documentation satisfies ALL of the criteria below; 

    1. The requested evidence of coverage is limited to:
      1. General Liability (sometimes labeled “Public Liability” or “Bodily Injury & Property Damage”)
      2. Public Officials Errors and Omissions (sometimes labeled “Professional Liability”)
      3. Automobile Liability
      4. Workers’ compensation
    2. The requested limit per occurrence is no more than $1,000,000. If a higher aggregate limit is specified, the certificate may still be issued by your department because our coverage does not have an aggregate limit.

      Help text: An aggregate is the most the insurer will pay for all claims during the policy period. Our coverage does not have an annual aggregate.

  1. Evidence of these coverages is NOT required:
    1. Property Insurance
    2. Medical Malpractice
    3. Pollution Liability
    4. Cyber Liability
    5. Aircraft Liability
    6. Airport Liability
    7. Marina Liability
    8. Watercraft Liability
  2. Procedures:
    1. Download the Certification of Self-Insurance 
      (PDF: 246 kB)
    2. Fill in the required fields
      1. Date
      2. Contract name and description
      3. Name and address of certificate holder
    3. Save the completed certificate and send it to the party that requires the documentation.

Risk Management Issued Certificates 

Risk Management will issue all certificates that don’t qualify for a department issued certificate. Fill out the Evidence of County’s Insurance Request Form (PDF: 53 kB) and submit it with the required documentation noted on the form.  

Please submit your request as early as possible in your event, agreement, or rental planning process – and no later than 10 working days in advance of your need to provide evidence of insurance. Certain evidence can only be obtained from our carriers and this can take time.