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Human Resources Department

Liability & Insurance

Contracts Exempt from Insurance Requirements

Risk Management has determined that certain contracts pose low risk to the County and has exempted them from insurance requirements. 

You may eliminate the insurance exhibit from an agreement without getting specific Risk Management approval if all 4 eligibility requirements listed below are met.


  1. Determine if contract meets eligibility requirements for exemption.
    If you are not sure the agreement qualifies, please submit a Help Request email (Outlook®: 139 kB) with a copy of the contract.
  2. Change the insurance section of the agreement to: Insurance “Not required per Risk Management Exemption”
  3. Do not attach an insurance exhibit. A waiver is not needed.
  4. Do not delete the indemnification language.

Eligibility Requirements for Exemption

  1. The cost is $100,000 annually or less, and
  2. Automobile use is limited to driving to and from County facilities or attendance at meetings. If the Scope of Work includes transporting persons or property, or requires driving from place to place for inspections, deliveries, etc, the agreement must include an Insurance Exhibit, and
  3. Professional Liability / Errors & Omissions Insurance is not required, and
  4. Scope of Work is listed below:
    1. Data entry and clerical services.
    2. DJs, announcers & event MCs.
    3. Event planners.
    4. Funding agreements and grants to public agencies (does not include not-for-profits) if
      1. the agreement obligates the grantee / recipient to indemnify us and we are not obligated to indemnify the grantee/recipient; and
      2. the funds will not be used for any type of construction.
    5. Graphic design, printing, advertising, message development.
    6. Medical transcription.
    7. Meeting facilitators.
    8. Mini-grants and matching grants to individuals or not-for profit entities (Cost less than $10,000).
    9. Research, data / information compilation principally done in the vendor’s office or in our offices.
    10. Survey takers.
    11. Training & presentation if all of the following criteria are met.
      1. The training is done on County premises.
      2. Participants will not use hazardous equipment (ropes, ladders, firearms, etc.)
      3. Participants will not engage in physical activity (exercise, running, jumping, etc.)
      4. Medical training (CPR, First Aid, etc.) is not involved.
    12. Translation services.