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Human Resources Department

Liability & Insurance

Roles & Responsibilities

What is the Department's or Entity's Role?

As with all elements of County contracting, each department and entity has primary responsibility for obtaining and tracking insurance requirements for its contracts.  This includes:

  1. Selection and attachment of the correct Insurance Template to the contract;
  2. Reviewing the evidence of insurance that is submitted; and
  3. Requesting a Risk Management Waiver or Issuing a Department Waiver when needed.

What is the Role of Risk Management? 

Risk Management can provide support and assistance in the following ways:

  1. Assist with selecting the correct Template for a specific contract.
  2. Provide customized insurance requirements for unique situations that don’t fit the standard Templates.
  3. Help you determine if a particular endorsement satisfies the County’s requirements.
  4. Waive a required item.
  5. Answer general questions about insurance.