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Funny SandwichWIC provides free nutrition education. Nutrition information is given in classes and individually at WIC. Below is a brief description of WIC classes and when they are scheduled. In WIC classes, we focus on healthy eating and active living. When you and your child attend WIC group classes you will receive special gifts as our thanks for participating and sharing your thoughts and experiences.

Welcome to WIC Class

When: Enrollment

In this class you'll learn how the WIC program works and how to use your WIC checks at WIC authorized grocery stores. After class, a nutritionist or nutrition assistant will determine your WIC eligibility by checking your identification, income, address, and nutrition and health status. You will get some basic nutrition information and you will receive your first WIC checks to use right away.

Pregnant Women

Class: Pregnancy Nutrition

When: 1st Trimester

The best way to give your baby a healthy start when you are pregnant is to take good care of yourself. In this class, you will discuss changes you have made for a healthier diet, create a list of things that are harmful to your unborn baby and discuss tips to relieve common problems of pregnancy. You will meet other pregnant women enrolled in WIC and will have time to discuss any concerns you may have.

Class: Infant Feeding Choices

When: 2nd Trimester

It's time to talk about how you plan to feed your baby. The best way to parent your newborn is to breastfeed, but breastfeeding isn't instinctive. The more you learn ahead of time, the easier it will be when the baby comes.

Class: The Mommy Baby Connection: Feeding Your Newborn

When: 3rd Trimester

Just before your baby is due, we'll go over what you need to know to get the baby off to a good start on the breast. You'll learn about the early cues that your baby is hungry and we'll discuss how to know your baby is getting enough to eat. You will receive baby calendar at this class so that you can write down all your new baby's achievements!

Infants and Breastfeeding & Nonbreastfeeding Postpartum Women

Class: Individual Appointment

When: Newborn Enrollment

Congratulations! At this individual appointment we will meet and enroll your new baby in WIC and renew your WIC eligibility. We'll check your income and address and identification and nutrition and health status for you and your baby. You'll get nutrition information for breastfeeding and postpartum women and information about feeding your newborn. This is a great chance to get help with breastfeeding or other concerns you have with your new baby.

Class: Newborn Support

When: 1-3 months

In this class you will share your experiences with other new moms. We'll see how breastfeeding is going, talk about when to start the baby on other foods and find solutions for some of those stressful times with a new baby in the house.

Class: Introduction to Solid Foods

When: 4-5 months

It's almost time to start the baby on solid foods. We'll talk about what foods to start with first and how to feed the baby these foods. We'll also talk about going back to work and discuss some nutritional and health issues for mom. Infant cereal will be added to your baby's WIC checks for the first time at age 6 months. In this class you'll receive a colorful infant feeding spoon.

Class: The Right Foods for Your Baby!

When: 7 months

In this class you will identify what foods are right for your infant to eat now and in the future. You will also choose a way to prevent early childhood tooth decay in your infant. We'll talk about the challenges of breastfeeding the older infant and when it's okay for mom to limit calories to promote weight loss without affecting breastmilk. Baby gets a WIC check for juice for the first time at age 7 months and every baby gets a "sippy" cup.

Class: Discovering Table Food

When: 9 months

In this class, we'll go over self-feeding and how to start the baby on table foods. Babies will be messy, so every one who attends this class receives a bib for the baby. For mom, we'll talk about losing the rest of that baby weight with diet and exercise tips. If you are breastfeeding, we'll talk about nursing the toddler.


Class: Individual Appointment

When: Every 6 months

Meeting with StaffStarting at age one year, and then every 6 months while your child is on WIC, you will have an individual meeting with a nutritionist or a nutrition assistant. We will renew your child's WIC eligibility by checking your income and address and your child's identification, nutrition and health status. You will get information about nutrition for your child. This is a great chance to get individual help with any concerns about your child's eating habits.

1 Year old Children

Class: Feeding is Parenting

When: 13-18 months

We'll talk about the growth patterns and appropriate meals for the toddler. We will also discuss strategies for weaning from the bottle and explore the feeding relationship between child and parent.

Class: Tips for Picky Eaters

When: 18-28 months

In this class you'll learn more about food jags and picky eating. You and your child will receive a travel snack bowl to carry healthy snacks while away from home.

Class: Bye-Bye Bottle

When: 12 months & up

At age one, children are encouraged to wean from the bottle. This change can be trying at times and this class is designed to help you help your child with the adjustment. Encourage your child to bring their favorite bottle with them and participate in our Bottle Exchange activity! You'll leave with your own copy of the Bye-Bye Bottle songbook.

2 to 4-year-old Children

Boy eating an AppleWIC classes are required every six months while your child is on WIC. You can choose the topic that interests you, or if you don't have a preference, our staff will select a class for you. When you attend a group class, you or your child will receive a special gift.

Class: Healthy Lifestyles

When: 2-4 years

What is a healthy lifestyle? Why are good eating habits so important? In this class we will address some of our feelings as parents when we serve unhealthy snacks. We'll share a book and then create our very own story about overcoming the obstacles that arise when we try to serve healthy snacks. Each family will take home a copy of the book we shared in the group.

Class: Iron for Strong Blood

When: 2-4 years

Attend this class if your child's blood test turns out low or you'd like to learn how to prevent anemia. Learn the signs and symptoms of anemia and why it is so important to treat it when it occurs. You will learn the foods that are high in iron and get some ideas for high iron meals and snacks. There will be a drawing in this class for one family to win a great prize!

Class: Lead Poisoning

When: 2-4 years

What is lead poisoning and how can you be sure your child doesn't get it? Learn the signs and symptoms of lead poisoning, the possible sources of lead in your home, and how to have your child tested for lead, as well as common foods that can protect your child from lead poisoning? Each family will receive a special lead tester to try at home.

Class: Healthy Bones

When: 2-4 years

It's important to make sure your child gets enough calcium and vitamin D for healthy bones and teeth. Learn about the best foods high in calcium and vitamin D and what to do if your child doesn't tolerate milk. Your child will take home a coloring book and crayons to help them remember everything they learned in class.

Class: Fit WIC

When: 2-4 years

Join Fit WIC to learn about healthy eating and physical activity as an important part of a healthy lifestyle for the family. When you come to this class, be ready to have fun and learn together. You and your child take home some great ideas and tools to help keep the whole family fit and healthy. Every class is different, so you can attend Fit WIC again and again.

Class: Farmers Market

When: Infant-Adult

What is a Farmers Market? This class provides information about your local Farmers Market and how to use it. Bring your children to this class for a fun and interactive exploration of your local Farmers Market. The family will receive a cookbook to help make delicious meals with the produce purchased from the Farmers Market.

Class: Smart Shopping

When: 2-4 years

In this class families explore ways to make grocery shopping a fun learning time for children. We will read a book about shopping as a family and you will be able to take a copy of the book home with you! Each family will receive a shopping list notepad.

Class: Grow Your Own Garden

When: 2-4 years

In this class kids learn how fruits and vegetables grow and become the food that we eat. Each family will plant their own seeds to start growing a healthy garden of fruits and vegetables. We'll read a book with the children that explains how their garden will grow. Each family will get a copy of the book to take home with them!

Class: Kids Can Cook!

When: 3-4 years

Girl cooking What better way to help children learn to like healthy food, than to have them eat food they prepare themselves? You'll come away with some simple recipes that kids can prepare safely. Cooking with children teaches them concepts like counting and measuring, and they will learn about different food textures. Your child will receive their very own apron for cooking. Be sure to tell them how good it is when you sample their cooking!

Class: WIC Graduation: Off to School!

When: Almost 5

This is your child's last WIC appointment, just before the fifth birthday. It's time to get ready to start school, so we'll go over the health requirements for kindergarten, how to pack a healthy lunch and how to enroll your child in the school lunch and/or school breakfast programs. To be sure your child stays physically active throughout childhood, we'll tell you how you can sign up for youth sports programs like soccer or tee-ball. The children will receive a special gift to prepare them for school. And remember to bring your camera. This class concludes with a special graduation ceremony with the children in their "caps and gowns".

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