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  • Responsible for the County’s Classification Plan, the Recruitment and Classification Division conducts classification studies which could include classification specification revisions, position reviews, and the creation of new classes and their salary range.

  • A Recruitment and Classification Analyst is here to help your department evaluate your options for filling a position. Options may include: Extra Help Staffing, Retiree Extra Help, Internships, Permanent, Transfers & Freenames, and Temporary Promotions.

    • We want to give you every opportunity today, and we’re happy to support you with your journey to success, you just need to lead the way. Start building your future at

    • Performance evaluations are essential in developing and maintaining a shared understanding of expectations for each job so that the organization’s mission and goals can be achieved. This policy is to ensure that all employees receive effective performance evaluations. More information, including detailed policies and procedures, is located in Human Resources.

    • Recruitment and Classification Analysts assist departments in managing performance management issues, including release from probation, performance improvement plans, and performance evaluations.

    • The information accessible from this page is provided to assist County employees understanding of the rules and process for layoffs, and to provide departmental HR Liaisons with a resource tool to help administer the process accurately and effectively. 

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