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Human Resources Department

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Getting a Job with the County

Human Resources Recruitment & Classification 750

Room to Move. Room to Grow. 

Here in the County of Sonoma, every road leads to a new adventure. Live here, and find new opportunities to explore. Work here, and you’ll find the same for your career.

At the County of Sonoma, your career isn’t a path as much as a trailhead. With over 800 different job classifications, we offer you a depth and breadth of career choices that few companies can rival; giving you the chance to follow your dreams, no matter where they go, or how many times they change. 

We want to give you every opportunity today. After all, we’re more than happy to support you with your journey to success; you just need to lead the way.

Build your future however you see it. Apply Now!

Job Descriptions, Career Ladders, Start Here!

Search our over 800 job classifications to help determine which position is right for you.

Unsure of your next career move? Use our career ladders to help identify your next steps and navigate our job classification system.

  • Examine our Career Ladders for details. Although these career ladders do not include every possible career path, they do identify a series of job classifications through which you can progress from entry level positions, to job opportunities with higher levels of pay, skill, and responsibility.

Would you like to learn more about the County of Sonoma’s application process?

Explore your next career move with the County of Sonoma!

Hiring Process Overview, How to Apply

As a potential applicant, you will be participating in a process that endeavors to obtain the most qualified candidates for employment. The employment process consists of various examinations to evaluate and test fairly and objectively each applicant’s education, experience, skills, knowledge, and abilities for the position.

How to Apply, the Application Process

The Hiring Department Selection Process

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Employee Organization (Labor Union) Membership

Employees hired into job classifications represented by a recognized employee organization should refer to the appropriate Labor Agreement/MOU or consult with the corresponding Employee Organization Contact for additional information regarding membership.

To locate salary information regarding job classes within a specific bargaining unit designation, please visit the Total Compensation webpage and view our SoCoData Salary Information by Job Classification Database.

Loyalty Oath 

Under California state law, before entering upon the duties of employment, all public employees take and subscribe to an oath or affirmation set forth in the California Constitution, declaring them to be Disaster Service Workers in time of need.

The oath or affirmation reaffirms an employee's willingness to support and defend the Constitution of the United States and the Constitution of the State of California.

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Disaster Service Worker Requirement  

Applicants should be aware that all County employees are designated under Government Code Section 3100 as “Disaster Service Workers.” This means that each employee may be required to return to work or remain at work for a disaster-related assignment. In past winter storms, floods, and fire disasters, it was necessary to utilize only a few County employees for disaster-related tasks. During a major event, a larger number of County employees could be required to serve as disaster service workers. More information about the requirements and expectations of this program are provided during new employee orientation and can be found on the Disaster Service Worker webpages.

County employees and their families are advised to be aware and prepared when a disaster occurs in Sonoma County, by creating a Family Emergency Plan. We want you and your family to be as prepared as possible too! Please visit for information and resources to prepare for, make it through, and recover from emergency events.

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