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Position & Allocation Control & Assignment Changes

Changes to an employee's assignment to a position or allocation are tracked and approved via NeoGov requisition or the Multi-change Transaction Form process.

To determine the most appropriate method for processing your request or to request NeoGov OHC support, please contact your department’s Human Resources Recruitment and Classification Analyst.

Salary Step Adjustments - Unrepresented Employees

When it is time for a regular performance evaluation for an unrepresented employee (department head, management, confidential, or general unrepresented) the appointing authority has the option of selecting from several possible merit increases, as well as no increase, should the employee still be within their pay range.

First, determine if the employee is within the pay range and still has room for merit step advances. If so, the following options exist:

  • If the employee has satisfactory performance, he/she would normally be awarded a 5% merit increase
  • If their performance is somewhat less than satisfactory, they would receive a 2.5% increase
  • If their performance needs improvement or is unsatisfactory, they would receive no merit increase
  • If the employee performance is outstanding, they are eligible for a 7.5% or 10% increase

In order to award a flexible merit increase of 2.5%, 7.5% or 10%, you would fill out the attached Flexible Merit Increase form, attach the employee performance evaluation and forward it to the County Administrator Office for review and approval.

Another facet of the flexible increase program is the ability to award a 5% merit increase earlier than the usual 12 months from the previous evaluation and merit increase action. This provision is available after the employee has served an initial 12 months in the classification, as they are always eligible for their first merit increase after an initial six months in the class.

If you want to provide an off-schedule 5% merit increase (earlier than usual), fill out the attached Flexible Merit Increase form and again attach a performance evaluation and forward to the County Administrator Office for review and approval.

After the County Administrator Office has approved the proposed flexible merit increase utilizing either approach noted above, discuss the performance evaluation and special merit increase with the unrepresented employee.

After that conversation, you would process the Change of Status form either indicating a 2.5%, 7.5% or 10% increase based on the usual review date, or a 5% early merit increase and you would reset the next merit review date for 12 months later.

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