Human Resources Disability Management

Disability and Reasonable Accommodation Policy -
Sections VIII and IX: Confidentiality and Responsibilities

VIII. Confidentiality

Departments shall maintain all medical information obtained in the disability accommodation process in a locked file that is stored separate from the employee’s personnel file and labeled Confidential Medical Information.

All parties will make every reasonable effort to limit the review of confidential medical information to a “need to know” basis.

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IX. Responsibilities

Applicant: Must advise the Human Resources Department if they wish to request an accommodation during the recruitment, testing or selection process. Once an applicant has been referred to a Department for a hiring interview, the applicant must notify the hiring manager if they believe they need accommodation to participate in the selection interview, and may elect to discuss whether they are a qualified individual with a disability and need an accommodation in order to perform the essential functions of the position.

Employees: An employee may initiate a request for reasonable accommodation orally or in writing to their supervisor or manager, Department ADA Coordinator, or the Human Resources Department. The accommodation request must adequately communicate that an adjustment or change at work is needed because of a disability or medical condition, and whether the restriction is temporary or permanent, and must usually provide medical documentation to support the request.

Manager/Supervisors: Managers and Supervisors are responsible for being familiar with and understanding this policy. They are responsible for consulting with their Department ADA Coordinator and the Human Resources Department on accommodation issues and the interactive process.

Department ADA Coordinators: Are responsible for coordinating accommodation requests within their Departments and consulting with the Human Resources Department and identifying training needs.

EEO Manager: Is responsible for the overall coordination of this policy.

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