County Clerk Fee Schedule

The Clerk's Office Has Moved!

Clerk's Office has moved!!The County Clerk-Recorder Office is now located at:
585 Fiscal Dr., Room 103, Santa Rosa, CA 95403

The new Clerk-Recorder’s Office will provide essential services for residents in one location – vital records, recording services, land record information, official public records, marriage licenses & ceremonies, and fictitious business names.

Important Information 75x40The staff of the Clerk-Recorder-Assessor's Office are forbidden by California legal codes to practice law or provide legal advice; this prohibition includes giving advice about what forms you might need or how you should fill them out.

Public marriage license
[26840 Government Code/Ordinance 5833]
Confidential marriage license
[26840.1 Government Code/Ordinance 5833] 
Declaration of marriage
[26840 Government Code/425 Family Code/Ordinance 5833]
Certified copies of confidential marriage license
[100430 & 103625 Health & Safety Code/509 Family Code]]
Duplicate marriage license
[360 Family Code/Ordinance 5833]
(as of 7/01/2019)
Civil marriage ceremony in County Clerk’s Office
[26861 Government Code/Ordinance 5833]
(as of 7/01/2019)
Issue marriage license outside of regular office hours (additional fee)
[26840.2 Government Code/Ordinance 5833]
Amend confidential marriage certificate more than one year after date of marriage
[103700 Health & Safety Code]
Deputy marriage commissioner for a day
[401 Family Code/Ordinance 5833]
 Witness, if provided by Clerk $22.00
Filing and indexing a Fictitious Business Name Statement (includes one certified copy)
[17929(a) Business & Professions Code/Ordinance 5833] 
(as of 7/01/2019)
Each additional business name and/or partner operating under same statement and doing business at same location
[17929(a) Business & Professions Code/Ordinance 5833]
Certified copy of FBN Statement
[17926 Business & Professions Code]
Copy of FBN Statement (not certified)
[26831 Government Code/Ordinance 5426]
Filing and indexing a Statement of Abandonment
[17929(b) Business & Professions Code/Ordinance 5833]
Filing and indexing a Statement of Withdrawal From Partnership
[17929(c) Business & Professions Code/Ordinance 5833]
Research Fictitious Business Name by mail (per name)
[26854 Government Code]
Fictitious Business Name Indexes
[Resolution 97-01949]
One week or less of filings$15.00
One month of filings$45.00
Certified copy or Search fee Birth Certificate
[100430, 103525.5 & 103625 Health & Safety Code]
Certified copy or Search fee Death Certificate
[100430, 103525.5 & 103625 Health & Safety Code]
Certified copy or Search fee Marriage Certificate
[100430 & 103625 Health & Safety Code/1852 Family Code]
Certified copy of Confidential Marriage Certificate
[Family Code 509]
Filing Notary Public Oath
[26849.1 Government Code/Ordinance 5833]
(as of 7/01/2019)
Filing, canceling, revoking, withdrawal of notary public bond
[26849.1 Government Code]
Recording first page of bond $14.00
Recording each additional page of bond $3.00

Certification/Copy Fees

Certification of official capacity of public official
[26852 Government Code/Ordinance 5833]
Certification in re: certificate of authority issued by Insurance Commissioner
[26851 Government Code/Ordinance 5833]
Taking affidavit and/or taking acknowledgment per signature
[26853-26855 Government Code/Ordinance 5833]
Translation Certificate per document certified
[27293 Government Code]
Copies of documents per page
[26831 Government Code/Ordinance 5426]
Comparing per page (in addition to certification fee)
[26837 Government Code/Ordinance 4711]
Certification of filed document (in addition to copy charges)
[26833 Government Code]
Certificate for which fee is not otherwise fixed
[26836 Government Code]

Power of Attorney For Surety Fees

Filing power of attorney for an admitted surety insurer
 [26855.1 Government Code/Ordinance 4711]
Each additional name on same document$5.00
Filing a financial statement of an admitted surety insurer
 [26855.2 Government Code/Ordinance 4275]
Filing a surrender, revocation, cancellation, annulment or suspension of a certificate of surety
 [26855.3 Government Code/Ordinance 4275]
Fee for processing environmental impact reports        
[711.4(4)(e) Family & Government Code/Ordinance 4711]
File application for Process Server
[22352 & 22353 Business & Professions Code]
(Includes 1 ID card) Applicant must come into the County Clerk's Office to have their photo taken for the ID card
File application for Professional Photocopier
[22453 & 22455 Business & Professions Code]
(Includes 1 ID card) Applicant must come into the County Clerk's Office to have their photo taken for the ID card
File application for Professional Photocopier also registered as Process Server
[22453 & 22455 Business & Professions Code]
(Includes 1 ID card) Applicant or employees authorized by an individual professional photocopier or a partnership or corporation must come into the County Clerk’s Office to have their photo taken for the ID Card
File application and bond for Legal Document Assistant or Unlawful Detainer Assistant
[6404 & 6405 Business & Professions Code]
(Includes 1 ID card) Applicant must come into the County Clerk's Office to have their photo taken for the ID card
File, cancel, revoke or withdraw bond for any of the above
[22353, 22455 & 6405 Business & Professions Code]
Additional/Replacement Photo ID cards for above registrations (each card)
[22457 & 6404 Business & Professions Code]
Important Information 60x30 Fees for the registrations above must also include the fee to record bond:
First page of bond $14.00
Each additional page of bond $3.00

Contact Information

Deva Marie Proto

County Clerk-Recorder-Assessor-Registrar of Voters

Business Hours
Monday – Tuesday
8:00 AM – 5:00 PM
8:00 AM – 4:00 PM
Thursday – Friday
8:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Note: No fee transactions or document processing within 30 minutes of closing


County Clerk-Recorder Office

585 Fiscal Drive

Room 103

Santa Rosa, CA 95403
38.4659106, -122.7251807

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