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The Sonoma County Continuum of Care (CoC) is accepting applications to become a member of the Continuum of Care.

Published: October 31, 2022

Sonoma County Continuum of Care (CoC)

Membership Open Applications

The Sonoma County Continuum of Care (CoC) is accepting applications to become a member of the Continuum of Care.

The Sonoma County CoC addresses the problems of housing and homelessness by having a countywide, community-informed, and person-centered CoC system that is compassionate, inclusive, financially responsible, equitable, coordinated, and outcomes-based. Anyone or any entity committed to the prevention and ending of homeless is welcome in the Continuum of Care. There are no meeting requirements, dues, or fees to become a member. Please see the link below to access the membership application if you or your organization is interested in applying for General Membership or Voting Membership.

Any individual can apply for General CoC Membership, but only organizations can apply for Voting Membership. The only difference between these two options is that Voting Membership permits one vote on behalf of an organization to vote annually during CoC Board elections.

Organizations located in Sonoma County will be granted voting rights upon receipt of an application, at the discretion of the CoC Board, based on material contributions or commitment to supporting the vision of the CoC. Applicants may be required to demonstrate that they have a Sonoma County location. Applications shall state the reasons for their request, including their role and contributions to meeting the CoC’s mission and vision. The board will consider such requests prior to any election so long as received before the agenda where these decisions are made is posted. The County of Sonoma, all cities and school districts, and any other body reporting to an elected governing board in Sonoma County will be limited to one vote per governing board. Once approved as Voting Members, organizations are not required to re-apply annually.

Download the Sonoma County CoC Membership Application

Current Organizations with approved or pending voting rights:

  1. St Vincent de Paul
  2. Santa Rosa Community Health
  3. Interfaith Shelter Network
  4. City of Santa Rosa
  5. Disability Services and Legal Center (DSLC)
  6. City of Healdsburg
  7. City of Petaluma
  8. Sonoma County Office of Education, Education for Homeless Children and Youth
  9. City of Cotati
  10. Community Support Network
  11. COTS- Committee on the Shelterless
  12. Downtown Streets Team
  13. West County Health Center
  14. Homes 4 The Homeless
  15. Face to Face
  16. Food for Thought
  17. Dry Creek Rancheria Band of Pomo Indians
  18. West County Community Services
  19. Petaluma Valley Hospital
  20. Providence
  21. Community Foundation Sonoma County
  22. City of Rohnert Park
  23. Redwood Gospel Mission
  24. Catholic Charities of the Diocese of Santa Rosa
  25. Kaiser Permanente
  26. Petaluma Health Center
  27. Social Advocates for Youth
  28. Wallace House
  29. DEMA Consulting and Management 
  30. City of Sebastopol
  31. County of Sonoma
  32. Nation's Finest
  33. Homeless Action!
  34. City of Sonoma
  35. Rohnert Park Chamber of Commerce
  36. SAFE, Petaluma People Services Center
  37. Center Point Drug Abuse Alternatives Center
  38. Burbank Housing
  39. SAVS (Sonoma Applied Village Services)
  40. Reach for Home
  41. Homeless Action Sonoma

Applications for CoC Membership are open year-round. However, the deadline to submit 2022 applications for Voting Membership for the upcoming CoC Board election is by 5:00 PM on November 23rd

CoC Board Member elections will occur during a special CoC Membership meeting on December 15th at 1:00 PM. Meeting login information can be found here: 

 This information can also be found at our website

CoC Membership Homepage:

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact the Homeless Projects Specialist at  or by telephone at 707-565-2387.