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Road Update - May 2, 2016

Published: May 02, 2016

This weekend, road crews responded to a vehicle accident that closed Windsor Road for several hours last Thursday night. On Saturday, a tree fell across Bodega Highway near the cemetery west of the town of Bodega. The local fire department cleared the road, and today the Cotati road crew will be out to clean up the brush and debris along the roadway.

This week, the crew will be moving to Bohemian Highway to begin a culvert replacement project near the Alliance Redwoods. One lane traffic controls can be expected Monday through Thursday between 7:30 am and 4 pm daily.

The Bridge crew will continue work on Summerhome Park Road replacing a failed section of bridge viaduct this week. Work is being done near the intersection of Madrone Road. The road is narrowed to one lane during construction. Work hours are 7:30 am to 4 pm daily.

Traffic maintenance crews will continue stencil work in the Sonoma area along with sign maintenance throughout the county.

Road crews in the Cotati, Guerneville, and Annapolis areas will continue roadside mowing and brushing this week. For the Cotati crew, work will focus on the Occidental Road/Mill Station area, with CDF assisting with some of the hand work on Tuesday and Wednesday. Annapolis crews will be working with CDF on Stewarts Point Skaggs Springs Road clearing brush for this summer’s chip seal program. One county wide pothole patch crew will be addressing requests in the Cotati and Healdsburg areas this week.

The Healdsburg crew will be clearing slides and debris along Porter Creek Road and Mark West Springs Road this week. This project was scheduled for last week, but was delayed due to a couple of unrelated traffic accidents along Calistoga Road and Petrified Forest Road that diverted traffic onto Porter Creek. Hopefully, work will be able to resume unaffected this week. Work hours are Monday through Thursday, 7:30 am to 4 pm. One lane traffic controls will be in effect.

The Sonoma road crew will begin cleaning shoulders of dirt and eucalyptus debris along Arnold Drive today. Work areas will be from Glen Ellen south toward Boys Boulevard. This project will be on-going all week with one lane traffic controls.