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Road Maintenance Update

Week of December 29, 2014, through January 2, 2015

Published: December 29, 2014

This week Road crews will continue cleanup from recent storms. All crews will be out filling potholes, clearing slides and debris off the roadways, and clearing debris from down trees. Both Cal Fire brushing crews have been cancelled this week. Cotati crews will be using an operated Vactor truck to clean plugged culverts at various locations in both South and West County. The Annapolis crew will be getting some help from the Healdsburg road crew as they continue to cleanup a large slide on Annapolis Road.

The Culvert crew will be replacing a culvert on Stadler Lane off Eastman Lane this week. This is one of twelve locations where cross culverts failed during the storm event and badly damaged the road base and surface pavement. Expect one-lane traffic controls and up to 30-minute delays this Monday through Wednesday.

The Bridge crew will begin installing a retaining wall this week on Pine Flat Road. This should be a two week project. One-lane traffic controls will be in effect.

Traffic crews will be doing sign maintenance and storm drain inspections, cleaning and labeling this week.    

A tree contractor will resume work along Lakeville Road today. Expect up to 30 minute delays between 9:00 AM and 3:00 PM this Monday through Wednesday.