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Road Update - March 14, 2016

Published: March 14, 2016

It was a very long and busy weekend for our road crews dealing with flooding, down trees, and slides. A rock slide on Annapolis Road Saturday closed the road 2 ½ miles in from State Highway 1. The crew worked through the weekend to break up two large boulders – one measuring 10’x14’, enough to open the road by this morning’s school commute. The slide was located on a narrow section of road at a blind curve. Once one lane was opened for traffic, traffic controls were staffed overnight. The road was completely open at 6 pm last night. That slide was one of five on Annapolis Road over the weekend, with an additional slide on Stewarts Point Skaggs Springs Road that the crew responded to. 

Elsewhere, crews responded Saturday to a failed culvert and washout on Geysers Road, 1 ½ mile from Highway 128 on the Healdsburg side. The failure washed out half of one lane completely. Currently, the road is open to one lane traffic. Also on Saturday, crews responded to a large down tree on Warrington Road, off Petaluma Hill Road. This big oak tree fell away from the road but damaged a section of the shoulder. Crews will be making repairs today at that location. Friday night and Saturday, crews responded to an ongoing small slide on a narrow section of Westside Road near Hacienda. On King Ridge Road, a portion of the road about 3 miles up from Cazadero began slipping – crews filled several large cracks in the pavement to prevent rain water from further damaging the road base. Last night crews from Cotati were called for a large down tree on Gold Ridge Road near Bodega Highway, and the Healdsburg crew was out most of the night clearing a large rock slide on Calistoga Road near Gates Road. Calistoga Road is open for the morning commute.

Below is a current list of road closures around the county. The Russian River is forecast to crest at around 25 feet between 1 and 2 pm today. 

Closed due to flooding:

  • Green Valley Road between Ross Road and Sullivan, and north of Sullivan at the S turns at Green Valley Creek.
  • Mark West Station Road at Starr Road
  • Sanford Road, between Occidental Road and Hall Road
  • Wohler Road, at Mark West Creek just off River Road
  • Trenton Road, between River Road and Laguna Road
  • Valley Ford Road at State Highway 1

Roads narrowed to one lane traffic:

  • Geysers Road, about 1 ½ mile from Red Winery Road at County Post Mile 12.27 due to a washout.
  • King Ridge Road, approximately 1 mile from Cazadero Highway due to a slide
  • St. Helena Road at West Summit Trail due to a down tree and stump eroding pavement and shoulder

Storm Response Summerhome Park Road