Homeless Ad Hoc Committee Meeting

Published: November 26, 2017

On November 7th, 2017, the Sonoma County Board of Supervisors and the City of Santa Rosa City Council held a joint meeting to discuss the local system of care for homeless individuals and families in Sonoma County. 

During this meeting, they reviewed the recommendations from a report commissioned by the Sonoma County Community Development Commission (CDC) assessing the current state of the homeless systems of care. The report found that Sonoma’s current systems of care were highly fragmented and recommended that the county redesign the system starting with the implementation of a new collective impact decision-making group that can own the issue of homeless in the community.  

The Homeless System of Care Redesign Ad-Hoc Committee was created as a result of this meeting in order to develop guidance and recommendations for a new homeless leadership group, which was formed in November 2018.

Ad Hoc Members

  • Santa Rosa City Mayor Chris Coursey, Committee Co-Chair
  • Santa Rosa City Councilmember Julie Combs 
  • Santa Rosa City Councilmember Tom Schwedhelm
  • County of Sonoma Supervisor Lynda Hopkins (5th District), Co-Chair
  • County of Sonoma Supervisor Susan Gorin (1st District)

Committee Scope of Work

The scope of work for the Ad Hoc Committee is to provide guidance from the City and County for development of the new leadership body. This included:

  • Determining the ultimate goal(s) of a single new homeless services leadership body;
  • Developing guiding values and principles for the leadership body;
  • Agreeing on the leadership body’s overarching roles and responsibilities;
  • Determining individual member roles and responsibilities;
  • Recommending a new leadership body composition;
  • Considering and recommending any additional streamlining or consolidation of lead agency activities to be undertaken.

Agendas and Materials

Ad Hoc Agenda January 4, 2018
(PDF: 88kB)

Ad Hoc Agenda December 7, 2017
(PDF: 64kB)

City Council and Board of Supervisors Homeless System of Care Redesign November 7, 2017
(PDF: 496kB)

Santa Rosa City Council Homeless System Study Session September 26, 2017
(PDF: 691kB)

Homeless Policy Workshop August 22, 2017
(PDF: 1,288kB)