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Human Services Department

Economic Assistance Division

Preparing for your CalFresh interview

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Attention CalFresh Applicants!

  • After you apply, you will receive an appointment letter. Please note, in times of high application volume, the appointment and appointment letter may be delayed
  • Your appointment letter will tell you the day and time of your interview
  • You must call the county to complete your interview for CalFresh at 1(877) 699-6868. The County will not call you for your interview!
  • If you do not have a phone or prefer to be seen in person for your scheduled interview, you may come to our office at:
    • 2550 Paulin Drive, Santa Rosa or
    • 5350 Old Redwood Hwy N, Ste 100 Petaluma
  • Please be advised, wait times for services, including scheduled appointments are the same over the phone as in-office and are based on daily service needs

Preparing for Your Interview

It may help to process your application faster if you are prepared to answer questions about:

  • The number of people in your home who you purchase and prepare food with
  • The money you get from your job or other sources
  • Your housing costs, including rent, mortgages and utilities
  • Medical expenses if you are disabled or age 60 or older
  • Costs for child or dependent care
  • Some of the things you own

If we are unable to verify information electronically we may request additional verification. See below for typical information that may require verification. Please let your Eligibility Specialist know if you are having difficulty obtaining requested information. The County may be able to help you get the required documents.

Information that may require verification


Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) ID or drivers license, work or school ID, passport/USCIS (immigration) documents


Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) ID or license, a postmarked envelope or postcard addressed to you, utility bill, rental agreement, bill or another document with your name on it.


Marriage or domestic partner certificate, birth certificate, court papers (divorce, guardianship, etc.)

Social Security number (SSN)

Social security card or proof of application

Immigration status

Permanent resident card, green card (I-551), employment authorization card (I-766), foreign passport with Form I-94/I-94A, Notice of Action (I-797)

Earned income

Paystubs, note from employer with gross pay & hours worked, self - employment income

Unearned income

Social security award letter, unemployment award letter, State disability award letter, workers compensation award letter, pensionaward letter


Bank statements, vehicle registration, mortgage bills, property deeds, life insurance policy, stocks, bonds, IRAs, most recent retirement account statements

Housing & utility costs

Rental agreement or rent receipt, mortgage bill, property tax satement, home or renter’s insurance bills, hotel/motel receipts

Medical expenses if disabled or age 60 or older

Medical bills or receipts, medical transportation bills or receipts, health or dental insurance policies or premiums

Child support

Child support obligation and actual payment

If You Need Food Right Away