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Human Services Department

Family, Youth, and Children Division

#1 Goal: Keeping Families Together

We leave children in their homes whenever it is safe and possible

We believe that children do better if they are left at home, as long as it is safe. All families have strengths to build on. Many of the children we work with are home with their parent(s). Some cases involve the Juvenile Dependency Court, but some do not.

When children do enter the Foster Care System

There are times when it is not possible to work with a family, without first separating the child(ren) from an immediate safety concern. In these kinds of cases, children are brought into the Foster Care System. The amount of time children are in foster care is different in every situation. Sometimes children are temporarily sent to live with relatives, or someone who is a close friend and like family. Sometimes, a child goes into our temporary, emergency shelter called The Valley of the Moon Children’s Center. Other times, a child may temporarily live with a foster family (also called resource families) they are meeting for the first time. Even when children need to be separated from their parents, the number one goal is to work with the parents so that the children can go back home.

What are some examples of the supports and services that are available to the families who are working with us?

  • Regular contact with a social worker
  • Child and Family Team Meetings
  • Therapy
  • Parenting Education
  • Substance Abuse Recovery Services

What are examples of what you can do if you, or someone you care about, has an open case with us?

  • Maintain regular communication with your social worker
  • Use the “Case Plan” as a roadmap to success
  • Think about building a strong support system
  • Be open to partnering with the social worker and foster parent(s) so the child’s experience is as smooth as possible

Support  and Information: