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Department of Health Services

Sonoma County Animal Services

Spay or Neuter a Pet

Animal Services promotes animal health and welfare through a variety of services including FOUR unique spay and neuter programs for Sonoma County residents:

Love Me, Fix Me

  • Our low-cost spay/neuter program for qualified low-income dog and cat owners. Services are provided by our local veterinary partners. An application is required.


  • Our reduced-cost spay/neuter program for Pit Bull (Staffordshire Bull Terrier, American Pit Bull Terrier, or American Staffordshire Terrier) and Pit Bull mix dog owners. County ordinance requires these dogs to be spayed or neutered. Clinics occur on-site at Animal Services. An appointment is required.

Momma Fix

  • Our no-cost spay program helps Sonoma County residents with female cats and dogs with litters. We’ll spay your "momma cat" or "momma dog" for free when you relinquish your dog's or cat’s litter to Animal Services (at 2 months or older). An appointment is required.

Community Cats

  • Our no-cost "Trap-Neuter-Release" program for community cats—cats without human caretakers. You, or one of our partners, humanely trap your local community cat, bring it to Animal Services and we’ll spay or neuter it for free. You will return feral cats (cats who are not tame and generally afraid of people) back to their environment. Cats who are friendly will stay with us at Animal Services and become candidates for adoption. An appointment is required. 

Spay & Neuter Partners in Sonoma County

If Sonoma County Animal Services can't meet your reduced-cost spay or neuter needs, maybe one of our local partners can help:

  • Compassion Without Borders: Free wellness and spay and neuter clinics weekly in Southwest Santa Rosa. Visit them online or call (707) 474-3345.
  • Forgotten Felines: Low-cost spay and neuter clinic (in Santa Rosa) for feral and wild cats. This is a trap-neuter-return program. Visit them online or call (707) 579-7999 to reserve your spot.
  • Petaluma PETpals: Spay & Neuter Assistance Program offers vouchers for discounted spay/neuter surgeries at participating veterinarians. Visit them online or call (707) 769-2199 to request a voucher.
  • Pets Lifeline: No-cost spay and neuter clinic for cats and dogs (25 lbs. or less) in Sonoma. Appointment required. Visit them online or call (707) 996-4577 ext. 104.
  • Rohnert Park Animal Services: "Fix-it" clinic for low-income residents of Rohnert Park and Cotati offers no-cost and low-cost cat and dog spay and neuters. Appointment required. Visit them online or call (707) 588-3531.
  • Humane Society of Sonoma County: Weekly low-cost spay and neuter clinic (located on Hwy. 12) for dogs and cats of Sonoma County residents. Appointments required. Visit them online or call (707) 284-FIXX (3499) or (707) 544-5713.

VIP Petcare Supports Spay & Neuter

We are so thankful for the support of our local VIP Petcare, especially for our spay and neuter programs.

Listen to Our Jingle!

Our radio ad encourages pet owners to spay or neuter their pets: