Services and Information


Adopt an Animal

Our shelter cares for homeless animals until they can be matched with perfect forever homes. Please visit our shelter or view our adoptable animals to learn about available animals.


Animal Services Volunteer Program

We believe everyone has something to offer, and we need you! We have lots of different jobs. Our volunteer opportunities allow community members to donate their valuable gift of time and energy to better the lives of Sonoma County Animal Services animals.


Foster Parent a Shelter Animal

Want to be a superhero? Become an animal foster parent for the animals served by Sonoma County Animal Services.


License Your Cat

Your cat's license shows the community that your pet is a loved member of your family. Licensing your cat is the best way to ensure they get back to you safely if they are lost or hurt.


License Your Dog

Sonoma County Animal Services provides dog licenses for residents of unincorporated Sonoma County, the City of Santa Rosa, and the Town of Windsor. You can purchase a license online, by mail, or in person.


Lost and Found Animals

It's every pet parent's nightmare: Your beloved pet has gotten loose, and you don't know where he or she is. Don't panic — there are many steps you can take to locate your pet.


Microchip Your Dog or Cat

Micro-chipping is a simple and effective way to make sure that your pet can be easily identified should you become separated.


Rabies Prevention

Animal Services works with the Health Officer, veterinarians, and the entire community to help prevent the spread of rabies in Sonoma County. Here's what you can do to help.


Report a Barking Dog

The location of the barking dog determines who you need to call to report a barking dog.


Report an Issue to Animal Services

Animal Services is responsible for the enforcement of city and county ordinances and state laws pertaining to animals, primarily domestic. These include licensing and vaccination requirements as well as stray animal, dangerous/vicious, and nuisance provisions, and the enforcement of cruelty regulations. To report an issue…


Spay or Neuter a Pet

The Love Me, Fix Me program provides spay/neuter surgery for cats and dogs. The Love Me, Fix Me team also vaccinates and micro-chips your pet at the time of surgery.


Wildlife Assistance

Who to call for help with orphaned, sick or injured wildlife.


Dead Animal Removal

The location of the dead animal determines who you need to call for removal.